Tip Tuesday - How to get more organic interaction on your posts

Hey y’all!

Today we are going to talk about organic interaction on your posts. We’ve all heard about Facebook algorithms changing like, basically every day and most of us are like “what the heck does that even mean?” Well, that’s not something I’m going to explain to you today but I am going to give you a few short tips on how to get more interaction organically on your posts. Super short and sweet.

  • Ask questions that people want to answer.
    Saying things like “here’s a picture of this thing I did the other day” is easy to scroll by. If you want people to comment - give them a reason to.

    • Specifically, ask people about themselves - (most) people LOVE to talk about themselves - and people love EASY, one click responses - “post a GIF of your face when you don’t have your morning coffee!"

  • Give something away.
    I know, I know, your services/products are worth so much! BUT, people love free and giving something small away for free is WORTH its weight in gold when it comes to the interaction that will happen as a direct result of a giveaway. Plus, y’all, ya gotta give a little!

  • Give your clients/audience what THEY want. Look at your insights. Find the posts that have done well and do more of those. Do your clients like funny, emotional, links, blog posts, photos? Figure out what your audience wants and cater to them. Do what works.

    • Figure out WHEN your clients are interacting most. I know Facebook has a nifty insight tool that tells you when your clients are online - but is that when they’re interacting with your posts? Look back at posts that did well and base your future posts on that.

Welp, that’s it for today, fam!
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Ashley Porton
Tip Tuesday - Photos

Ashley here with another tip to increase your social media presence! Today we are going to talk about photos. Featuring my dirty cat mug.

One super easy way to make your Facebook or Instagram account look immediately more professional is just to post photos that look professional. Now, you don’t have to have a camera that cost a couple grand for this (although I do recommend hiring a photographer for branding and headshots if you can afford it!). The new iPhones and Galaxies have amazing camera quality. That’s all you need.

1. Make sure you wipe off your camera lens. EVERY. TIME. I know, this is such an obvious tip, but you would not believe how many blurry, foggy photos I see posted on professional business pages. Wiping off your camera lens will increase that picture quality immediately. Take, for instance, this crappy photo of my coffee mug (and cluttered kitchen). The first has shit smeared on the screen, the second doesn’t. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!


2. Exposure. You can easily adjust your exposure while you’re taking a photo, but if you don’t know how to do that, typically your phone will have built in software where you can adjust the brightness afterwards. Also, apps like Instagram and VSCO are both really helpful to adjust the exposure, contrast, sharpening, and white balance before posting to social media. A BRIGHT & SHARP photo are going to get much more attention and look so much more professional than a dark, blurry one. I mean, it sounds obvious, but I see it all the time.

Speaking of exposure, if there’s a window around, put your subject in front of the window! (Light ON them, not behind them).



Properly exposed

Properly exposed

3. Composition. Just pay attention to what you’re shooting. Trash can in the back of a photo? Take two steps to go move it somewhere else. It’s those little details that can turn a photo from a crappy snapshot, to something that looks like you put time and meaning behind it.

4. Portrait Mode. If you have an iPhone 8+ or newer, there’s this nifty little feature called portrait mode. It basically blurs the background of your photo and to the untrained eye, it looks like you took it on a DSLR. Try that out. It’s pretty great.

Composition: For this photo, I just turned my mug around and put it in a prettier spot with some window light.

Composition: For this photo, I just turned my mug around and put it in a prettier spot with some window light.

Portrait mode: For this photo, I just turned on portrait mode.

Portrait mode: For this photo, I just turned on portrait mode.

5. Stock photos. Ya know, some of us just don’t have an eye for it. If that’s you and you don’t feel like any of these tips are really going to help with your photo quality, head on over to a stock photo website and use what they have. I promise I won’t judge you.

Ashley Porton